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     Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association recognizes that its primary mission is to serve as the vital link between the citizens and the fire/emergency medical service agencies within our member communities. We strive to deliver the highest quality telecommunications, training, education, and emergency services coordination to our community partners and the public we serve.

    The goal of the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association is to efficiently and effectively dispatch emergencies for the fire and EMS departments of our communities, so they in turn can provide the highest level of service to the residents of the Lakes Region. Additionally, the association also offers a wide variety of extensive training and education to our fire and EMS departments through its Training and Education Division.


     The Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association is a premier organization consisting of 35 communities in New Hampshire's Central/Lakes Regions as well as the Central NH Hazardous Materials Response Team. LRMFA has proudly provided uninterrupted emergency dispatch communications 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to the ever-growing population (120,769 as of the 2020 census) in our 1,800 square mile service area since 1951.

    The Communications Center is one of 3 APCO ATPC Certified Communication Centers in the state of New Hampshire. The ATPC certification indicates that LRMFA’s training program meets or exceeds over 110 individual standards in relation to national Telecommunicator training, certification, and competencies. Our Communications Center is staffed by motivated, highly-trained, and skilled Communications Specialists. LRMFA is proud to be one of the only agencies in the state with a comprehensive quality improvement/quality assurance program that meets or exceeds national standards. The monthly results of this program show our team is over 98% compliant to our policies, procedures, and national best practices. Their performance contributes directly to the safety and well-being of the department members and town residents.

    As we move into the 21st century with our communications center, our vision is to expand our capabilities while still providing quality service to the ever-growing population in the Lakes Region, utilizing the multiple technologies in radio communication, interoperability, computer-aided dispatching, and GIS information systems.

     The Communications Center is equipped with Zetron MAX dispatching consoles that control 13 transmit-and-receive radio sites. We provide fire and EMS alerting for our 34 agencies and the system can be expanded to accommodate more. The center currently operates Computer Aided Dispatch software by Tyler Technologies, which provides dispatching information, incident reporting, pre-plans, water supply sources, run cards, inventory information, and other fire and EMS modules.

Operations Room

Operations Room in December of 2023
Operations Room in December of 2023

2023 Combined Incident Total




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