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10th Annual Peter Makris Memorial Ride at the NASWA, Weirs Beach, June 11, 2016

A portion of the proceeds of this event will go to to Team Jameson to support Firefighter/Paramedic Kyle Jameson's family following their loss of Kyle to cancer. Please consider supporting this event.

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Flags Lowered at National Fire Academy In Honor of New Hampton Fire Department FF/EMT Douglas Clement

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The Silent Killer - Firefighter Cancer

Do all you can to save yourself from cancer. Local responders featured in this video.
LRMFA Statistics - 2015

Another year has come and gone and LRMFA's activity continues to increase! Our year-end totals are as follows:

Number of Incidents: 23,550

Radio Transmissions: 315,300
Calls Handled Emergency Lines: 30,589
Calls Handled Administrative Lines: 22,241

The yearly totals break down to an average of:

65 incidents per day
13 radio transmissions per incident
864 radio transmissions per day
84 calls handled on the emergency lines per day
61 calls handled on the administrative lines per day

This boils down to a 10.25% increase in operational activities during the 2015 year!

Some of the larger incidents were as follows:

Aircraft Crashes: 2

Building Fires (1st Alarm or greater): 61
          1st Alarm: 37
          2nd Alarm: 20
          3rd Alarm: 3
          4th Alarm: 1
Outside Fires (1st Alarm or greater): 18
          1st Alarm: 9
          2nd Alarm: 4
          3rd Alarm: 3
          4th Alarm: 1
          5th Alarm: 1
Mass Casualty Incident (1st Alarm or greater): 1
HAZMAT Incidents Requiring Mutual Aid: 4

For a look at statistical data by department, view the member agency page by clicking here!

Rural Hitch

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New Hampshire Homes Features LRMFA

Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aird was recently featured in an article published by New Hampshire Homes titled: A 21st-Century Bucket Brigade: The Lakes Region Mutual Aid Fire Association. Click here to view the full article! If you're interested in New Hampshire Real Estate, look at what else they've got to offer on their site!

New Training Programs Available

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SCBA Fit Testing - Available from LRMFA

SCBA Fit Testing is available for our member agencies. To schedule fit testing at your fire department please contact Deputy Coordinator Beland at 528-9111 or